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Volunteer Opportunities 2017

At least once a month the pruning club meets for a volunteer opportunity. At these meetings you will get the chance to work on material in the landscape and receive pointers and tips on pruning techniques from experienced pruners.

Everyone Welcome -- All Skill Levels -- Bring Your Tools.

If you have not attended one of our volunteer meetings before, please be sure to contact the appropriate contact person for the event you plan on attending.

01/07/17 - 10:00am
Merritt College Horticulture Department -- Advanced Pine Pruning
Contact: Grant Foerster: 510-334-1842
01/14/17 - 10:00am
Northern California Golden State Bonsai Collection Garden
Contact: Bill Castellon: 510-569-8003
02/04/17 - 10:00am
Concord Japanese-American Cultural Center -- Pines
Contact: Dina Blackwell: 510-469-6958
02/11/17 - 10:00am
Montalvo Arts Center -- Wisterias
Contact: Melissa Hyams: 630-346-9523
02/18/17 - 10:00am
Marin Art and Garden Center -- Pines and Maples
Contact: Katherine Randolph: 415-383-2631
03/11/17 - 10:00am
Lakeside Park Torii Landscape
Contact: Peter Bowyer: 510-658-4941
04/01/17 - 10:00am
Hakone Gardens - Saratoga -- Pines and Maples
Contact: Lary Huls: 510-393-9581
04/15/17 - 10:00am
Park Day School
Contact: Bill Castellon: 510-569-8003
04/22/17 - 10:00am
Buddhist Temple of Alameda
Contact: Dick Austin: 510-418-0968
05/06/17 - 10:00am
Berkeley Buddhist Temple Garden
Contact: Nancy Buell: 510-418-6564
05/16/17 - 6:30pm
Pruning Club Planning Meeting/Potluck Dinner
Merritt College Horticultural Department
05/20/17 - 10:00am
Shinzen Japanese Garden - Fresno
Contact: Steve Da Silva: 559-834-5464
05/20/17 - 10:00am
Lakeside Japanese Garden
Contact: Dick Austin: 510-418-0968
06/03/17 - 10:00am
Lakeside Park Torii Landscape
Contact: Peter Bowyer: 510-658-4941
Monthly Events
Every First Friday - 10:00am - 2 hours
Lake Merritt Japanese Garden -- First Friday Maintenance
Contact: Dick Austin: 510-418-0968
The Merritt College Bonsai Club meets the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Merritt College Horticultural Building, Room H105 (except June and July).
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