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Directory of Aesthetic Pruners of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

**Listings are alphabetical by last name

BAIN, BRAD (916) 396-8571  
bainbrad@yahoo.com Website: sacramentoaestheticpruning.com
Japanese Aesthetic Style Pruning of ornamental trees, plants and shrubs. Creating focal point trees and bringing out the essence of the tree or plant while maintaining its natural look and showing the structure of the tree. Specializing in Japanese Maples, Black Pines and Japanese style gardens. I also prune other trees and plants such as Crepe Myrtle, Dogwood, Redbud, Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Flowering Cherry, Mugo Pine, Camellia, Azalea, Gardenia, Boxwood, Bottlebrush, Rhododendron, along with container trees and plants.
Work Area: Sacramento but will travel to Northern and Central California and the Foothills.
BLOOMBERG, DIANE (925) 382-3516  
Aesthetic, natural style pruning for plants/Trees fifteen feet and lower. Training: Certification from Merritt College Landscape, Horticulture and Design programs. Completion of Merritt College Aesthetic Pruning training program including course work and monthly pruning clinics.
Work area: Primarily east of the Caldecott Tunnel; Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Moraga, Lafayette. Flexible depending on job scope.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
BOWYER, PETER THOMAS (510) 658-4941  
Landscape Contractor 712862
Garden designer-builder, horticulturalist, aesthetic pruner. Tree climbing to 4 storries/40 feet. Sees shaping earth, water and plants as equally important in the larger scheme and to creating beauty in detail. Inspirations range from natural landscapes to cultural ones. Works with organizations, government, citizens, customers and other trades. Leader of numerous projects in public gardens. Speaks Spanish well, and Japanese poorly. Experienced (since 1981), well trained (6 certificates) and well equipped.
Work area: East Bay, Marin, the Peninsula and Japan.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
BROWN, NANCY (510) 527-1781  
Professionally trained in Aesthetic Pruning at Merritt College. Recipient of the Aesthetic Pruning Award and a Landscape Horticulture Certificate. Formally educated as a painter with an eye toward balanced form and composition: Master of Fine Arts degree. Will work on all woody plant material under fifteen feet including maples, camellias, CA natives, and fruit trees. Especially drawn to giving new structure to overgrown trees. Continuity preferred. Happy to perform some garden maintenance.
Work area: Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

  Website: https://www.lesliebuckauthor.com
Leslie is the author of the New York Times reviewed Japanese garden memoir “Cutting Back - My Apprenticeship in the Gardens of Kyoto” by Timber Press about a California gardener who studies pruning and more with traditional garden craftsmen of Kyoto in private homes, monasteries and an emperor’s villa. See her website lesliebuckauthor.com for podcasts/videos/reviews. Happy to consider new pruning accounts in BERKELEY ONLY for natural pruning of individual trees or developing atmosphere and beauty in your whole garden. For the rest of the SF Bay Area, she does garden consultation (advice on tree selection or atmosphere development), teaches pruning and lectures about her memoir - see website for details.
Work area: Berkeley.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner

BURMAN, MARYANN (415) 606-6224
sacrdspce@yahoo.com Website: www.MaryAnnBurman.com

Creating Sacred Space: harmonizing our inner & outer lives. Skill, intuition and wisdom integrate art and science in aesthetic pruning of Japanese maples, Japanese black pine, ornamental trees and shrubs. Group and individual instruction on topics such as Aesthetic Pruning, Healing and Nature, Intention and Intuition, Working with the Energy of the Garden, Healing Touch.
Work area: Serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
CAREY, LISA (510) 847-2577
seedsofgrowth@yahoo.com   Website: sagestonelandscapes.com
Gentle sculptor of trees and shrubs retaining natural form and beauty. Pruning for sustained health, well being and future. Landscape design, installation and cultivation. Garden staging including container plants. Work with contractors and clients on importance of early, ongoing pruning of established trees and shrubs, after installation, to maximize health, form, beauty and longevity of plants. Bay Friendly Landscape Maintenance Certified and a Green Certified Business.
Work area: Bay Area, especially the East Bay.
CASTELLON, BILL (510) 569-8003 DBA: Bill Castellon Landscapes

Japanese aesthetics in garden design, construction and maintenance. Specializing in stone placement, pruning and bonsai. Aesthetic pruning and stone placement instructor at Merritt College. Lectures and workshops on related topics. Gold Medals, 2000 San Francisco Garden Show and seen on HGTV.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
CHURGEL, PETE (510) 843-1901
Aesthetic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs. Specializing in Japanese maples, black pines and wisteria; Japanese garden pruning; container trees and bonsai. Pruning consultations, instruction and lectures/demonstrations. Certified arborist: ISA #6700A. Certified Aesthetic Pruner #30.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
COHEN, JOCELYN (415) 285-2342 Website: poetree-care.blogspot.com
jocelyn@jocelync.com DBA: Poetree Landscapes and Arboriculture
Certified Arborist #WE7063A . Fine pruning of trees and shrubs including focal point, crown restoration and bringing out the essence of the plant. Landscape design for garden and sidewalk pocket parks. Preservation reports, tree assessment and consulting. Available for pruning workshops and presentations.
Work area: Bay Area, including San Francisco, East Bay and Peninsula.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
COUNTS, CURTIS (805) 434-1763 (office and fax are the same)
curtiscounts@gmail.com (805) 610-8044
Pruning specimen evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs, Japanese maples, pines and conifers.
Work area: San Luis Obispo County, Monterey County, and Santa Barbara County.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
Da SILVA, STEVE (559) 834-5464

Japanese garden pruning. Bonsai care and classes. Pruning workshops and classes. Lectures on pines, deciduous trees and Japanese maples.
Work area: California, especially the Central Valley.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
FUJII, WALTER (650) 573-8733 DBA: Natural Designs
Fax: (650) 345-7890

Also staff arborist at Ralph Osterling Consultants, Inc. ASCA registered consulting Arborist #402. ISA certified arborist #WE2257A. WC/ISA certified tree worker #623. High definition tree pruning. Will work with aesthetic pruners to accent focal point trees. Consulting arborist for tree diagnosis, appraisal and management. Presentations or opportunities outside of California are welcomed.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
HARVEY, KERRY (727) 710-0845
Originally from Australia, trained and mentored in the Bay Area by Master Pruner Dennis Makishima. Passionate about enhancing specimen trees and shrubs for aesthetically pleasing results. Kerry especially loves to do reconstructive work both on trees/shrubs, and entire gardens that are not shining at their full potential. Currently based in St Petersburg, Florida and pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Certificate in Horticulture- Merritt College. FNGLA - FCHP - Florida Certified Horticulture Professional. Worked as Curator/ Principal Gardener & Aesthetic Pruner at the Harland Hand Gardens in El Cerrito, Berkeley, and San Francisco. Intern at the Japanese Tea Garden - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Co-taught basic pruning techniques at Lotusland Santa Barbara CA.
Work area: Florida - Tampa/St Pete area and greater Sarasota area.
HULS, LARY (510) 393-9581 DBA: L Huls Designs
Website: www.lhulsdesigns.com
Landscape design, construction and maintenance. Specializing in traditional stonework (patio, walkways, walls) and custom outdoor woodwork (gates, arbors, fences) as well as water-wise irrigation, lighting and aesthetic pruning. Instructor: Using Stone in the Garden at Merritt; Assistant instructor in pruning at Merritt; Bronze medal, San Francisco Flower and Garden show, 2005. CA Lic.# 912740. Quality Water-efficient Landscaper: EPA. Bay Friendly Qualified Designer.
Work area: San Leandro and/or East Bay.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
HYAMS, MELISSA (630) 346-9523  
Aesthetic pruning. Specialties: Pruning trees and shrubs up to 15 feet, specifically, California native trees and shrubs; Mediterranean trees and shrubs; Japanese maples; camellias; fruit trees; and conifers.
Work area: East Bay, Los Angeles.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
INGRAM, CHRISTOPHER (415) 786-5725 DBA: Mr. Prune Tree Service

Aesthetic and functional pruning of ornamental, exotic, fruit and native trees and shrubs to fifteen feet. Japanese Maples and Black Pines. Specializing in rehabilitation of damaged/neglected trees. Tree health consultation. Planting, early training and pruning instruction/consultation. Orchard background. Experienced Public Speaker for presentations in Tree biology, Arboricluture, Aesthetic pruning principles and practices and related topics at garden clubs, nurseries, schools, expos, etc. Aesthetic Pruning instructor at Merritt College in Oakland, Ca., ISA Certified Arborist #WE7743A, APA Spanish fluent.
Work area: wide range, including San Francisco, Marin, Peninsula, East Bay, as well as Mendocino County (Booneville), Butte County (Chico/Oroville areas), Southern Oregon (Rogue Valley). Open to national and international opportunities.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
JONES, LINDSEY (510) 590-8721
Website: www.pruningbylindsey.com
Regrettably, Lindsey Jones no longer resides in California.
KANEMASU, RUSSELL (916) 541-3222

Japanese aesthetic pruning of small trees, plants and shrubs. Bonsai style pruning, specializing in Japanese black pine, maples and Japanese gardens. Experienced in bonsai.
Work area: Sacramento, Central Valley, Bay Area, California. Will travel anywhere.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner

MIYAHARA, FRED (619) 286-8602
trisham@cox.net Fax: (619) 286-8919
Bonsai pruning, wiring and design. Specialty: GRAFTING --15 years grafting (Kishu Shimpaku to San Jose junipers or Prostrata junipers; also Cork bark pine, Mikawa, Banshoho & Kotobuki black pines onto Japanese black pine stock. (Willing to travel throughout country to do demos or workshops.) Aesthetic pruning landscape Japanese black pines (in San Diego area).
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
PHILLIPS, DAVID (415) 665-2155
Aesthetic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs. Specializing in Japanese maples, pines and conifers. Working in the field over twenty years.
Work area: San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo counties and willing to travel.
THOMPSON, BRUCE (510) 428-4964

Combining art and science in the care of your trees. I work with trees to develop and enhance their natural beauty in a way that suits your individual style and elevates the look of your entire garden. My current focus is on developing the high art of pruning. I can prune a single tree or be the pruner and aesthetic eye for your entire garden. Over ten years experience. Private and public speaking and hands on pruning instruction available. Specialties: Japanese Gardens, Japanese maples, conifers, deciduous trees, focal point pruning, and fruit trees. Bonsai and container trees too. Certified Aesthetic Pruner. Vice President Aesthetic Pruner’s Association.
Work area: Bay Area, especially the East Bay.
APA Certified Aesthetic Pruner
UMEHARA, MIKE (707) 528-2917
Website: momijinursery.com DBA: Momiji Nursery
Our ONLY focus is Japanese maples, our lifetime labor of love. We seed, grow, propagate and prune. One, two, five, seven, fifteen, twenty & twenty four inch boxes. Come see us at 2765 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.
WIEGAND, ANANDA (510) 452-2599
Integrating a scientific background in Conservation Biology with over fifteen years of horticultural experience, Ananda balances the practical with the artistic within your landscape. Her Aesthetic Pruning reveals and compliments all of your edible, native and ornamental garden specimens. She also provides ongoing garden care, consulting and coaching, planting and design services, with an emphasis on connecting people with the natural world. Certified Aesthetic Pruner, Arborist, and Permaculture Designer.
Work area: Primarily the East Bay but willing to travel.
WIST, DAHLIA ELIZABETH (408) 623-0272 Website: dahliaarborea.com
Aesthetic pruning of trees and shrubs twelve feet or less. Available to teach pruning classes and coach home owners. Aesthetic Pruning Award recipient. Certified Arborist #WE8655A.
Work Area: Ontario County, Upstate New York. Open to travel.
To be considered for the directory a pruner needs:
- the complete pruning class series
- to have the recommendation of at least three pruners already listed
- attend at least two volunteer events per year

For more information on becoming a Certified Aesthetic Pruner (C.A.P) please see: www.aestheticprunersassociation.org
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